The Premium Package in The Black Business School allows you, for a small monthly fee, to have access to over 15 courses within the Black Business School. This means that you can participate in a wide variety of programs related to entrepreneurship, investment, marketing, and many other courses we offer, to obtain a broadly-inclusive learning experience, giving you access to hundreds of hours of high-quality content that is sure to prepare you to run your own business. 

Courses Included with Purchase

Black Money 101: An Introduction to the Power of Money

Black Money 101 Bonuses: Intro to Money Advanced Topics

Black Money 102: How to Invest in the Stock Market

3 Course Bundle

Black Money 102 Bonuses: Stock Market Advanced Topics

Black Money 103: How to Start a Strong Black Business with a Powerful Brand

1 Course Bundle

Black Money 103 Bonus: Black Business Advanced Topics

Black Money 104: How to Buy and Run a Successful Franchise

Great Pro Speakers

How to build a powerhouse brand and make money as a blogger or writer

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Black Children

The Black Keys to Greatness: How to Manage Your Time, Implement Strategies and Achieve Your Goals by any Means Necessary

Great Pro Speakers 

How You Can Raise $10,000 for Your Business in 30 Days

Black Financial Superstars: 15 things every black child needs to know about MONEY

15 Things Every Black Child Needs to Know About Investing

15 Things Every Black Child Needs to Know About the Stock Market

15 Things Every Black Child Needs to Know About MONEY

The Dr Boyce Watkins Debt & Credit Mastery Program

Financial Juneteenth University

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about College

The Black Business School Lecture Series

3 Course Bundle

Dr Boyce Watkins: A New Paradigm for Black America

Ask Dr Boyce

15 things every black child needs to know about real estate

Welcome to the Land of BMOT, where children learn and have fun, all at the same time

Black Money 106: Systems to Build a Bullet Proof Business

All Black National Convention Digital Livestream

How To Monetize Your Mind

Black Money 105: Getting started in Real Estate, From Renter to Buyer and Beyond

Black Money 100: Introduction to Basic Personal Finance

The Black Legal Program

The Black CEO Factory: 15 things every child should know about starting and running a business

2 Course Bundle

The Black Expert Empire Series Replays

The fundamentals of Forex Investing

What Dr. Boyce is Buying?

How to invest with Stock Options